The packaging products used in the pharmaceutical industry are more diverse and stricter than other industries. How to ensure the safety of label products, and fully fit bottles of various shapes, materials, and sizes? Here, Weifang Xinxing Label Products Co., Ltd. will let you have no worries.

Ensure patient safety and comply with regulatory requirements. In order to protect consumers, regulatory agencies have established strict safety requirements for pharmaceutical packaging materials. Our company strictly controls the safety of label production, and the label products comply with the regulations of the State Food and Drug Administration, including the “Administrative Regulations on Drug Instructions and Labels” and “Administrative Regulations on Medical Device Instructions, Labels and Packaging Marks”.

Tightly fit packaging containers of different shapes, different materials, and different sizes

Pharmaceutical manufacturers provide consumers with containers of various shapes and sizes. The label must be able to closely fit various materials such as glass, cardboard, plastic, metal, and other packaging materials with complex shapes, different sizes, and different calibers.

To this end, our company has developed a wide range of medical label products to meet the needs of various applications. Our label products have the following characteristics:

•Special adhesive that is not easy to penetrate, meets the recommendations and regulations for HDPE and other polyolefin container labeling

•Can be stored in the lowest -80°C environment

• Ultra-transparent film with luminescence detection feature to detect whether the label is missing

•Sturdy material that can be used for bottle labeling

• Surface materials that can be thermally transferred

• Anti-tamper and void anti-counterfeiting materials to ensure that the product is authentic

•Suitable for labeling small diameter, glass or non-glass containers and sachets

•Materials to solve the problem of small diameter labeling

•Used for container labeling in clean product logistics

•Used in healthcare applications, including bottle hanging labels, blood transfusion bag labels, and patient wristbands

Track products in the supply chain

The traceability of the product is very important, so pharmaceutical packaging is usually marked with the batch number and expiration date on the label. End users often have to print labels on site in a short period of time, so thermal transfer surface materials are very popular. Thermal transfer products are not only easy to print, but the graphics and texts can be kept intact for a long time, which is very important for demanding direct-to-consumer industries.

Blood bag label