Regarding the beauty, anti-counterfeiting, waterproof and moisture-proof properties of wine labels, the wine label solution of Weifang Xinxing Label Products Co., Ltd. can relieve your worries.

Create artwork and enhance shelf image

In the increasingly competitive wine industry, how to make your products more prominent on the shelves, grab a place, and have high requirements on the aesthetics of the outer packaging, especially the label design. The wine label created by Weifang Xinxing Label can make your wine products stand out. We use coated paper, Japanese washi paper, textured paper and paper with metallic texture, as well as foil and film surface materials. It can meet the requirements of various users for the aesthetics of the wine. In particular, the ultra-thin transparent film that we created makes the label fit the wine bottle perfectly, presenting the visual sense of “no label”.

Use anti-counterfeit labels to protect brand image

The wine industry is a very prosperous industry of counterfeit and shoddy. How to protect your brand image and prevent others from counterfeiting, Yijiaqi Printing provides you with the following solutions:

1. The pattern text on the wine label or wine box intentionally leaves a secret anti-counterfeiting label;

2. It is processed by a special process and attached to the object to be affixed. It can only be used for one time. Once it is removed, it will display the “void” word mode anti-counterfeiting wine label;

3. A high-tech optical anti-counterfeiting wine label that is attached to the bottle mouth and has a variety of variable colors through different chromaticities or under ultraviolet irradiation.

4. Paste special disposable, fragile PVC material sealed anti-counterfeiting labels on both ends of the wine box

Waterproof and moisture-proof performance

Liquor labels also have high requirements for waterproof and moisture-proof. The wine labels produced by our company have very good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, which can cope with the various use and storage environments of customers.
In addition, some wine customers are concerned that the outer packaging has adverse effects on the shelf life and oxidation of the wine. Our company has also developed a corresponding label for this. Can reduce the label’s influence on wine.

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