Die-cutting is the general process of cutting materials into shapes using a mold. In label production, this type of die-cutting is called kiss-cutting (half-cut), that is, the release paper of the label is not broken, and the excess material is pulled apart after the label paper is die-cut, leaving only the label. Die-cutting can be done on a flat plate or rotary press. Rotary die-cutting is usually done together with printing. The main difference between rotary die cutting and flat die-cutting is that the flat speed is not fast but the die is cheaper.

You can choose the format of the sticker to be printed. Options include single-page non-tear edge, roll-up, single-sheet tear-edge, or single-sheet full break.

Xinxing Label is now equipped with the most advanced digital die-cutting, which can be die-cut directly without a knife plate, which is very suitable for small batch orders and special-shaped labels.

Adhesive label high speed circular die cutting machine