Print File Pre-check

Before printing, file pre-checking is to confirm that the files needed in the printing process meet the requirements of plate-making and printing, and the format and content are correct, so that they are suitable for the correct printing process, and prevent printing and production errors in advance to facilitate production. It is the standard prepress procedure in the printing industry.

Pre-inspection of pre-press files can check the printed files to control the printing quality. For most print jobs, there are 4 most common preflight considerations.

File format

In order to obtain a high-quality color display, our art editors may need to make necessary file adjustments, so as far as possible, provide original files in .ai format for your artwork design, such as Illustrator.


For most full-color projects, the RGB colors in the palette should be deleted and replaced with colors using the CMYK system. Make sure that the attributes of all images and text are in CMYK color mode. If they are in RGB, grayscale, or other modes, be sure to convert these images to CMYK.

Image resolution

Ensure that the resolution of the image file is equivalent to the printing or output method used. The file format suitable for printing is vector graphics.


Outline or embed all fonts in pdf files or packing all fonts with .ai file to ensure accurate presentation of your print layout.