Factory Equipment

At Xinxing Label, we take pride in employing the latest technology to provide high-quality self-adhesive label printing services. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to cater to diverse customer requirements and maintain our reputation for quality and reliability.

  1. 12-Color Flexo Label Printing Machine: Our flexographic printing machine, equipped with twelve color stations, ensures vibrant and high-resolution prints. Capable of printing on various substrates, from plastic to metallic films, this machine is our go-to for high-volume projects requiring superior print quality.
  2. Satellite Full Rotation Trademark Printing Machine: This machine specializes in high-speed trademark printing. Its satellite configuration guarantees high-speed printing and accurate color registration, making it a reliable choice for brand-conscious clients.
  3. Intermittent PS Label Offset Printing Machine: For precision printing and cutting of individual labels, we rely on our Intermittent PS Label Offset Printing Machine. This offset process delivers excellent print quality, making it ideal for projects demanding fine details and crisp images.
  4. Variable Two-Dimensional Code Inkjet Printer: Perfect for industries requiring track-and-trace capabilities, this machine can print variable data such as barcodes and QR codes directly onto products or packaging.
  5. Digital Label Die Cutting Machine: This machine provides precise and flexible label cutting options. Using digital technology, it can easily adjust to varying design specifications without the need for physical dies, improving efficiency and turnaround time.
  6. Plate Making Machines: Our advanced plate making machines allow us to streamline the prepress process, delivering high-quality plates for the printing press, thereby ensuring the best possible print output.
  7. Slitting Machine: This machine is critical in tailoring large rolls of printed labels into individual rolls to suit client applications. Its precision ensures uniform label rolls and minimizes waste.
  8. High-Speed Inspection Machines: These machines maintain our commitment to quality by detecting any print defects or variations, allowing us to guarantee only the best labels reach our clients.
  9. Adhesive Label High-Speed Circular Die Cutting Machine: For high-speed die-cutting of adhesive labels, we use this machine. Its rotary die-cutting process is not only faster than flatbed die cutting, but it also provides superior precision.

At Xinxing Label, we continually invest in our equipment to provide the best service possible. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality, custom self-adhesive labels to our clients.

For more information, please contact and consult us at www.xinxinglabel.com/contact-us/, We will provide you with a full range and quality of products and services.

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Xinxing Label Company Introduction

12-color flexo label printing presses

12-color flexo label printing machine

Satellite full rotation trademark printing machine

Satellite full rotation printing machine

Intermittent PS label offset printing machine

Intermittent PS label offset

Variable two-dimensional code inkjet printer

Variable QR code printer

Digital label die cutting machine

Digital label die cutting machine

Plate making machines

Plate making machine

Slitting machine

Slitting machine

High speed inspection machines

High speed inspection machine

Adhesive label high speed circular die cutting machine

High speed die cutting machine