Color Management System

Different printing equipment, display equipment, printed materials, different printing service providers, and moreover, the same printed matter is printed and reproduced at different times, and colors cannot be copied or inconsistent. How to complete high-quality color reproduction from files, screens, digital proofing to printing and maintain the color consistency of product labels is a very technical and managerial issue. All of these must be completed with a complete color management system and knowledge.

Our color management system compares the color space of the created color with the color space of the same color and makes necessary adjustments to make the colors as consistent as possible between different printing devices.

Xinxing Label professional label printing and production, general paper, transparent label, bright silver label, fog silver label, in addition to using the characteristics of the material itself to make the overall packaging better, it can also combine various processes, such as filming, embossing, and partial Light, hot and cold hot stamping, etc. to increase the texture of the product. With nearly 20 years of label printing experience, we are familiar with color characteristics and understand how to show good results in different materials. Through our color management system, we are able to print good colors on different substrates and keep the colors consistent in different printing processes. We can assist you in making the best quality labels to convey the high quality of your products.