Variable Data Printing

Traditional printing can only print printed matter with the same content each time. If you want to print different content on each printed matter, it takes time to make many different manuscripts. Variable data printing is a unique technology of digital printing. The printing process and the database are combined with each other. Images or texts can be continuously changed according to the preset content and format so that each printed matter has different text or Barcode (Barcode, QR Code). The artwork design usually only needs to leave a part of the content blank for printing variable data.

Continuous serial number printing

Continuous numbering or serial numbering is a kind of dynamic printing, and different numbers can be printed on each print. We can also use one of the numbers in each group of numbers as a “bold + italic” identification method, and present it in an irregular manner to increase the difficulty of counterfeiters. Consumers who have doubts about the product can also use this group of numbers as the basis for inquiries.

QR Code printing

QR code (for “quick response”) is a mobile phone readable barcode. In addition to linking to websites, maps, pictures, and text, it can also automatically input text data such as the phone in the QR Code memory to the mobile phone through the scanning software. The role of QR codes enables consumers and suppliers to connect in new ways.
Personalization is a powerful tool to promote products. Whether you want to create labels for specific individuals or add diversification to products, variable data technology helps you define label content and how users interact with products.
If you want to add a change serial number or QR code to your product label design, please contact us for more detailed information.