Invisible Ink Printing

Invisible ink printing, also known as security ink printing, is invisible during printing and can be made visible later in some way. For example, the ink can be exposed by heating or applying appropriate chemicals, or it can be made visible by observing under ultraviolet light.

General application and use

The main purpose of invisible ink printing is to prevent product counterfeiting. It is usually used in the luxury goods market, the pharmaceutical industry, and other industries that often cause losses due to counterfeiting.

Invisible ink label

It can not only verify products to consumers but also protect the company’s brand and reduce risks. In addition, security labels can also be used to monitor the transmission of products in the supply chain.

Xinxing Label provides the following simple label anti-counterfeiting printing, please contact us if you need it.

  • Invisible ink printing
  • Change serial number printing
  • Group flower printing
  • Raster anti-counterfeiting printing
  • Tiny print