Cold Foil Printing

Cold foil printing is the use of special adhesives to transfer metal foil, which is used to highlight and enhance label packaging and design. Cold stamping does not require a heated metal printing plate. If the stamping substrate is not resistant to high temperatures, you can choose this method.

Cost-effective online process

The cold stamping process is completed on the printing line, so the offline operation of the second hot stamping is not required. It is also possible to print inks, transparent oils, and coatings on the cold foil on the printing line. Cold foil printing is a cost-effective online process that can be combined with most printing technologies and has an effect similar to hot foil printing.

Cold Foil vs. Hot Foil – What’s the Difference?

Cold stamping must be applied to completely smooth and flat label materials. Cold stamping cannot be combined with embossing. The hot stamping can be applied to rough label paper and textured paper, or even combined with embossing. The difference in appearance between the two is relatively small. The cold foil is completely flat on the label surface, while the hot foil has a very slightly raised appearance.

Xinxing label will suggest cold or blanching methods to achieve the desired effect according to your quantity and content. What we emphasize is to provide high-quality labels in a cost-effective manner to meet your needs.