At Xinxing Label, we firmly believe that providing high-quality self-adhesive label printing services requires a blend of world-class equipment and unparalleled expertise. Our commitment to this belief is reflected in our state-of-the-art facilities and the knowledge of our dedicated team.

Our Equipment and Facilities

We boast modern facilities, equipped with industry-leading pre-press and printing equipment. Our extensive range of printing technologies, including digital offset and flexographic capabilities, enables us to competitively produce both short and long runs of static and variable work.

Our best-of-breed equipment includes 8 presses, encompassing flexographic press machines, satellite full rotation trademark printing machines, intermittent PS label offset printing machines, high-speed die-cutting machines, variable two-dimensional code inkjet printers, plate making machines, high-speed cutting machines, auto slitting machines, and high-speed inspection machines. Our printing technicians adeptly operate this cutting-edge machinery to ensure precision and efficiency at all times.

Expertise and Knowledge

Beyond our top-tier technology, our greatest asset is our team. With extensive expertise in label printing, we produce billions of labels each year, gaining specialized knowledge across various industries and challenges. This expertise allows us to cater to clients’ specific needs, regardless of their size or label requirements.

Prepress Service

Our prepress service is continually adapting and streamlining its processes to offer the most accurate and technically convenient options to our clients. The extensive knowledge and experience of our prepress team form an integral part of our in-depth labeling expertise.

Client Engagement Model

Our client engagement model is designed to provide exceptional service to our clients. We excel at servicing large, corporate clients by meticulously measuring, reporting, and managing key performance indicators and service level indicators. Our team of passionate label experts supports our Account Managers and Customer Action Team, providing a depth of labeling expertise that sets us apart from our competitors.

Supply Chain Partnerships

We cultivate close relationships with our supply chain partners, both locally and globally. This collaboration ensures we provide world-class products and services to our clients.

At Xinxing Label, we understand that the blend of advanced technology and industry knowledge is key to delivering high-quality, custom self-adhesive labels. We are dedicated to continual investment in our people and equipment to ensure we consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.