Quality Control

We are always working hard to produce high-quality self-adhesive labels. We have built a complete quality management system and a full set of quality monitoring equipment to ensure that we achieve this goal.

Pre-press sample confirmation

Also called soft proofing, it is a necessary step that must be taken before printing. Our pre-press experts will check some details in your file, check whether there are any problems affecting the printing quality, and then provide some suggestions and send the final adjusted electronic file to you for verification.

Electronic file proofing is a useful tool in predicting prints. Allows you to view the appearance of the artwork when it is printed on paper on the monitor. However, factors such as the quality of the display and the use environment will affect the reliability of the screen proofing. For those with specific color requirements, we recommend using paper samples to confirm the quality. If you have special requirements for colors but cannot provide existing printed samples for reference, we can simulate production colors and provide inkjet or digital samples or plate-making printing samples for you to confirm the quality and material of the printed colors.

After you confirm the sample, we will create a standard part confirmation and print and produce accordingly. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the samples being inconsistent with the production. With our color management system and our experienced printing team, we will make necessary adjustments so that the printing colors between different devices are as consistent as possible.

Quality confirmation during printing

Our professional-quality inspectors will regularly confirm the quality of each order in production, supervise the entire production process, and ensure that all production links are in compliance with the specifications.

We use a batch control system to mark each label product we produce. The code on our outer packaging can be traced back to the entire production process and supply chain, including the use of raw materials, product design, sample confirmation, and production printing. If the label has quality problems, you can quickly find out which link is wrong and immediately improve it.

Post-press quality inspection

We have multiple high-speed label inspection machines, which will inspect each factory label to ensure that each factory label meets the requirements.

Then we will plastic seal the product and pack it into the box to ensure that the label will not be damaged by moisture, collision, etc. during transportation.

Pre-press sample inspection
Quality confirmation during printing
Post-press quality inspection