Xinxing Label has been engaged in self-adhesive label printing for twenty years and has printed hundreds of millions of labels, which are widely used in various industries.
1. Application on packaging: food labels, beverage labels, liquor labels, daily chemical labels.
2. Application in medicine and medical: drug labels, blood bag labels, reagent labels.
3. Application in express logistics: express postal parcels, letter packaging, transport goods label, envelope address label.
4. Application on electronic appliances: cell phone labels, various electrical appliance labels, computer labels, electromechanical product labels.
5. Applications in merchandising: price tags, product description labels, shelf labels, barcode labels.
6. Applications in management: book labels, car inspection labels, security inspection labels, property labels.
7. Application on office: document official label, file preservation label, various items and stationery label.
8. Application on production: raw material labeling, processing product labeling, finished product labeling, inventory management labeling.
9. Application in chemical industry: paint material labeling, gasoline engine oil product packaging labeling and various special solvent product labeling.
10. Application in anti-counterfeiting: anti-counterfeiting labels, encryption labels, anti-theft labels.
11. Application in transportation: boarding pass, luggage label, train ticket, coach ticket, parking ticket.

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