Two Decades of Self-adhesive Label Printing Expertise

With twenty years of experience in self-adhesive label printing, Xinxing Label has produced hundreds of millions of labels, serving a wide range of industries and applications.

1. Packaging Applications

Our labels are used for food, beverage, liquor, and daily chemical product packaging, enhancing brand visibility and product information display.

2. Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

We provide drug labels, blood bag labels, and reagent labels for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring proper identification and safety.

3. Express Logistics Applications

Our labels are utilized in express postal parcels, letter packaging, transport goods labels, and envelope address labels, facilitating efficient logistics operations.

4. Electronic Appliance Applications

We offer labels for cell phones, various electrical appliances, computers, and electromechanical products, supporting product identification and information display.

5. Merchandising Applications

Our labels are used for price tags, product description labels, shelf labels, and barcode labels, improving product presentation and organization in retail settings.

6. Management Applications

We produce labels for book management, car inspection, security inspection, property identification, and more, streamlining various management processes.

7. Office Applications

Our labels are used in document official labeling, file preservation, and various items and stationery labeling, helping maintain organization and efficiency in office settings.

8. Production Applications

We provide labels for raw material, processing product, finished product, and inventory management labeling, assisting in effective production management.

9. Chemical Industry Applications

Our labels cater to the chemical industry, including paint material, gasoline engine oil product packaging, and various special solvent product labeling.

10. Anti-counterfeiting Applications

We offer anti-counterfeiting labels, encryption labels, and anti-theft labels, enhancing product security and reducing counterfeiting risks.

11. Transportation Applications

Our labels are used for boarding passes, luggage labels, train tickets, coach tickets, and parking tickets, streamlining transportation processes.

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