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The Four Kings of Printing Machines

Some people say that Heidelberg, Koenig & Bauer, Komori, and Manroland are the four kings of the printing industry, let's meet their strengths first. Heidelberg from Germany has been the most trusted and innovative partner in the global printing industry, with a history of more than 160 years, more than 40% market share in the sheetfed offset press market, and annual sales of nearly 2.5 billion euros. The

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Shampoo label – take you to know self-adhesive label

Shampoo self-adhesive labels need to comprehensively consider the size, color and specification of labels according to different shampoo bottle shapes. Today's shampoo bottle tends to be transparent, soft and extrusion resistant, and the shape of the bottle also has more and more humanized design. All these require the label to be better combined with the bottle to obtain a delicate and beautiful overall effect. A shampoo with beautiful

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Beer label – take you to know about self-adhesive labels

Beer is often stored in low temperature and humid environment, so beer labels should be waterproof, low temperature resistant and not easy to fall off. Beer labels also need to bring consumers a strong visual impact, so as to improve their desire to buy. Therefore, the beer label industry is showing the trend of high-grade development of printing materials. The adaptability and printability of self-adhesive labels of PE,

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Alcohol label – Take you to know self-adhesive label

Alcohol self-adhesive labels attract consumers' attention with their beautiful and unique effects, and they are also the key to winning consumers' purchases. High-quality alcohol labels are the most important way of product packaging. With the rapid development of self-adhesive label printing technology, the combined use of various printing processes such as cold stamping, hot stamping, embossing, screen stacking inks, and local glue removal have greatly enhanced the artistic

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Eight common reasons that affect the color change of self-adhesive labels

The color of the self-adhesive label may become darker or lighter. The standard for high-quality printed matter is: the ink color of a batch of products should be consistent before and after, and the color should be bright, and at the same time, it should conform to the ink hue and ink intensity of the sample. There are many factors that affect the color change of printed matter, roughly in

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Application advantages of cold stamping in self-adhesive labels

At present, cold stamping has become an important surface decoration method in the processing of self-adhesive labels, which can achieve exquisite metal stamping effects and greatly enhance the shelf attractiveness of products. It can be said that the application of cold stamping on self-adhesive labels Let people's lives become colorful. On the whole, cold hot stamping solves the problem of poor adaptability of traditional hot stamping, difficult process control, single

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