As we all know, the beverage industry attaches great importance to branding and marketing. Therefore, beverage manufacturers will naturally choose the most eye-catching labels and beverage packaging to attract customers to buy and increase sales.

Leverage the attractiveness of transparent films

Brightly colored beverage labels coupled with clever decoration techniques make mineral water and beverages stand out on crowded retail shelves. Many brands favor labels with “hidden” or transparent appearance. The letters and pictures on them appear to be suspended on glass and plastic bottles. These transparent labels are seamlessly attached to the surface of the bottle body, presenting a pure and high-quality image.

Or use a textured surface with strong colors and shiny luster to impress customers.

Regardless of the strategy adopted, for beverage companies, self-adhesive labels are powerful marketing tools that can provide unlimited opportunities for customization.

Let us change your beverage label!

The beverage label solutions of Weifang Xinxing Label Products Co., Ltd. include transparent, white, ultra-thin, frosted and metallic film labels, as well as special paper and tin foil labels. These products not only look beautiful, but also have excellent printability, convertibility and durability.

Excellent label performance allows products to go further

Beverage bottles experience changes in temperature and humidity during transportation through the national supply chain. Weifang Xinxing’s beverage labels can maintain a good appearance and excellent performance in a changing environment. The transparent PP film used to create the “hidden” appearance is used in conjunction with selected adhesives to maintain excellent transparency under various environmental conditions. When used with PET backing paper, these labels can present a crystal clear light penetration effect.

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