Exquisite appearance, creating label artwork

Nowadays, more and more daily chemical companies engaged in household and personal care products are paying more attention to the exquisite packaging, thus highlighting the high-end products and attracting the attention of buyers. And the very important link in the middle is the use of labels.

Weifang Xinxing Label Products Co., Ltd. has developed various types of daily chemical self-adhesive labels in response to this demand. Including all kinds of super transparent, transparent, bright white, pearlescent, matte, bright silver, rainbow and other synthetic papers, BOPP and PE and other high-quality film stickers. Ensure that the daily chemical label achieves “beautiful appearance, exquisite texture, durable and reliable”. Let your products look different among many similar products.

In many cases, we are not only printing labels, but also creating artworks for customers.

Carefully select materials to perfectly fit the bottle body

There are various kinds of bottles of daily chemical products, and the materials are also different. Different bottle bodies need to use different label materials. This is also why the labels made by some customers will fall off, and the labels will be warped. It is because the labels cannot fit the bottle body or do not conform to the bottle body texture. Our company will match the appropriate label according to the customer’s actual product bottle shape and material.

For example: PE, PP or their synthetic materials should be used for soft bottles that are often squeezed, which are more flexible after pasting; BOPP materials should be used for hard PET bottles; and for low-level popular daily chemical products It is advisable to use mirror coated paper materials. For each bottle, we will have a corresponding solution to ensure the perfect fit of the label.

Water, oil and chemical resistance

Daily chemical products often have water-proof, oil-resistant, and chemical-resistant features for labels. Customers no longer need to worry about this problem. The label materials and adhesives selected by our company can be solved very well.

Safe and environmentally friendly

When labeling household and personal care products, safety and environmental protection are the top priority. We provide special surface materials and adhesives to meet the requirements of related industries and regulations.

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