Thermal Paper Self-adhesive Label

Overview #

Thermal paper self-adhesive labels are a special material mainly used in the field of printing and labeling. This type of label uses thermal paper as a base, and the content such as text and graphics is printed by heating the thermal elements in the printer. It has the advantages of not needing to use ink, fast printing speed, clear image, etc., and is a widely used printing material in retail, logistics, medical and other industries.

Structure and Manufacturing #

Thermal paper self-adhesive labels consist of multiple layers, each with its specific function:

  1. Surface material: usually thermal paper or thermal synthetic paper, used to receive heat for image printing.
  2. Thermal coating: is the core part of the label, composed of thermal elements and resin, which produces color through chemical reactions when heated.
  3. Adhesive layer: used to stick the label to goods or other surfaces.
  4. Bottom paper: to protect the adhesive from damage and to be torn off when used.

The manufacturing process of thermal paper self-adhesive labels includes the preparation of thermal coatings, coating, drying, cutting, and packaging.

Characteristics #

Thermal paper self-adhesive labels have the following characteristics:

  1. Convenient to use: only a simple heat source is required for printing, no ink or ribbon is needed, the operation is simple, and the maintenance cost is low.
  2. Clear printing: thermal printing has good resolution and can clearly print text and images.
  3. Flexibility: can be cut into different sizes and shapes according to needs to meet various application requirements.
  4. Fast printing: thermal printing is fast, suitable for large-scale rapid printing.
  5. Adaptability: suitable for various environments, such as low temperatures and humidity.

However, thermal paper self-adhesive labels also have their shortcomings. First, the shelf life of thermal paper is relatively short, and overheating or excessive light can cause the information on the label to discolor or disappear. Secondly, the wear resistance of thermal paper is poor and easy to be scratched.

Application Range #

Due to its convenience and clarity in printing, thermal paper self-adhesive labels are widely used in the following fields:

  1. Retail: such as supermarket price tags, product barcodes, etc.
  2. Logistics: used for goods labels, for identification and tracking.
  3. Medical: such as medical records, patient identification, etc.
  4. Office: such as file management, equipment labels, etc.

In general, thermal paper self-adhesive labels have become commonly used printing materials in various industries due to their ease of use and clarity.

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