Kraft Paper Self-Adhesive Label

1. Introduction #

Kraft paper self-adhesive labels are a type of self-adhesive label made from kraft paper. With a unique rough texture and brown appearance, kraft paper gives a sense of naturalness and environmental friendliness.

2. Features #

2.1 Natural Feel: The most significant feature of kraft paper labels is their natural texture. This makes them very popular in products that need to convey natural and environmentally friendly concepts.

2.2 Economy: Compared to other types of labels, kraft paper labels are usually cost-effective, suitable for large-scale use.

2.3 Durability: Although kraft paper may look weak, it is actually very tough and durable and not easily torn.

2.4 Printability: Kraft paper has good ink absorbency, making it suitable for various printing methods.

3. Applications #

Due to their natural texture and economy, kraft paper self-adhesive labels are widely used in many occasions:

3.1 Packaging: They are often used in packaging, especially in product packaging that needs to convey natural and eco-friendly concepts.

3.2 Mailing: Due to their durability, they are often used for address labels on mail and parcels.

3.3 Stores and Offices: In stores and offices, they are often used as inventory labels and file labels.

4. Future Development #

With the rise of environmental awareness, the use of kraft paper labels is expected to further increase. With the development of technology, there may be more innovative kraft paper label products.

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