Jewelry Labels

Jewelry labels are types of label specifically designed for use on jewelry items such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. These labels provide essential information about the jewelry, including product descriptions, materials, price, and brand. Attaching importance to jewelry labels is crucial as they enhance the customer experience, help retailers maintain inventory, and convey vital information to prospective buyers.

Why are the jewelry labels important?

  1. Communicates product information: Labels provide details about materials, gemstones, and metal types, allowing customers to make informed decisions.
  2. Assists in inventory management: Retailers can use jewelry labels to track and manage stock, facilitating effective inventory control and reducing the risk of loss or theft.
  3. Reinforces branding: Customized labels with logos and unique designs can strengthen brand identity and enhance the perceived value of jewelry items.
  4. Supports pricing and sales: Clearly labeled prices help customers make purchasing decisions and streamline the sales process for retailers.


What is the scope of application of jewelry labels?

  1. Retail stores: Brick-and-mortar jewelry retailers use labels for pricing, inventory management, and product information display.
  2. Online stores: E-commerce businesses selling jewelry require labels for packaging and shipping, as well as for product information and branding.
  3. Jewelry manufacturers: Labels can help manufacturers track and manage their production and inventory, as well as provide information about materials and craftsmanship.
  4. Trade shows and exhibitions: Exhibitors use jewelry labels to showcase product details, prices, and branding to potential buyers.

How to select the correct jewelry labels?

  1. Material: Opt for materials like polyester, polypropylene, or vinyl that are durable, resistant to moisture, and compatible with the jewelry item.
  2. Adhesive: Choose a strong adhesive that won’t damage delicate jewelry surfaces and can be easily removed without leaving residue.
  3. Print quality: Select labels with high-quality printing for clear and legible text and images, ensuring that essential product information is easy to read.
  4. Compatibility: Ensure that the label size and design are suitable for the specific jewelry item, allowing for easy application and minimal interference with the item’s appearance.
  5. Customization: Work with a label provider that can accommodate unique design requirements, such as custom shapes, sizes, or branding elements.

What raw materials can be selected for jewelry labels?

  1. Polyester: A durable, tear-resistant material that offers excellent print quality and resistance to moisture and chemicals, ideal for jewelry labels.
  2. Polypropylene: A flexible, water-resistant material that can conform to various jewelry shapes and withstand different environmental conditions.
  3. Vinyl: A versatile material that provides good durability, print quality, and resistance to moisture, making it suitable for various jewelry applications.

Additionally, select high-quality adhesives that won’t damage the jewelry and can be removed cleanly if necessary.

What should I pay attention to when pasting jewelry labels?

  1. Clean the surface: Ensure the jewelry surface is free of dirt, dust, or residue to achieve optimal adhesion.
  2. Handle gently: Be cautious when handling delicate jewelry items to avoid damaging them during the labeling process.
  3. Apply carefully: Position the label on an appropriate area of the jewelry item, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with the item’s appearance or functionality.
  4. Press firmly: Apply even pressure to secure the label and eliminate air bubbles, ensuring maximum adhesive contact.
  5. Test for residue: Check that the adhesive doesn’t leave any residue on the jewelry when removed, maintaining the item’s pristine condition.
  6. Consider the display: Make sure the label doesn’t obstruct the jewelry’s visual appeal when displayed for sale, allowing customers to appreciate the item’s design and craftsmanship.
  7. Verify the information: Double-check that the label contains accurate and complete information about the jewelry item, including material composition, gemstone details, and pricing.

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Xinxing Label Company Introduction

Item Detail
Size Produced on request, ranging 4MM * 4MM - 380MM * 450MM.
Raw materials Avery Dennison, UPM Raflatac, etc.
Production Process Printing, die-cutting, bronzing, laminating, direct printing, and other processes.
Sample Our current samples could be free. We have to charge you the samples fee if you need samples with your specific size/design. Also need your help to bear the freight.
Payment L/C, T/T, PayPal etc.
MOQ 1000 PCS. Low MOQ to Avoid Unnecessary Waste of Your Products and Money.
Production Time Generally 3-5 working days for small quantity. For big quantity orders, to confirm based on order quantity.
Package Stickers can be in roll or sheets, with several rolls/sheets in one clear bag, several bags/sheets in one brown carton.
Delivery 3-10 days by international express. By Air or Sea. We are a High-Level Contracted Partner of DHL, FedEx, UPS, and Other International Express Companies. Make the Goods Quickly, Efficiently and Low Cost to Reach Your Hands.
Our Advantages 18 years of production experience, high-quality assurance system, factory price.



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