Today I’d like to introduce you our self adhesive labels for wine, water and beverage bottles.

Different kinds of material are available to print this kind of labels. Such as art paper, synthetic paper, pearl white vinyl, special paper, metal color material etc.
Different finishes could be added to create different effects, including metal color inks print, matte or gloss lamination, spot UV, gold foid, embossing, nami etc.
It could be diecut to different shapes based on your requirements. Labels in sheets and in rolls both available to stick manually or by machine.

Labels could be waterproof, not drop off, printable for manufacturing date, with clear barcode to read, anti friction etc.

The labels printed on metal color materials look more metallic.

Some labels can meet with labeling with slight water. It could avoid the condition of labels falling off due to water on bottles.

The technique of printing on adhesive side is available. We can see the contents printed on the adhesive side of the labels through the bottle.

Multiple layouts can also be designed to meet the needs of business advertising.

Floresent effect is available. In the dark night, your logo will always be the brightest sign.