We know that barcode printers can be divided into thermal printing and thermal transfer printing according to different printing methods. Both of these methods use a thermal print head to heat the printing surface. Thermal transfer is to heat the ribbon to print durable patterns on the printing paper. Thermal printing is not suitable for ribbons, but directly on the labels print.

thermal tranfer and direct thermal comparison

The difference between thermal transfer and thermal printing

Today, I will introduce to you what is the difference between thermal transfer and thermal printer in terms of consumables:

1. The thermal printing of the barcode printer only needs thermal paper.
2. Thermal transfer printing needs to use the corresponding specification ribbon.
3. Comparison of the two: thermal printing paper cannot be stored for a long time. For example for various tickets and movie tickets, the printed text will disappear after a long time, but there is no such problem in thermal transfer printing.
4. Thermal printing operation is simpler than thermal transfer printing, and no ribbon is required.

All in all: Comparing the two, it seems that thermal printing does not require a ribbon and is economical. In fact, thermal printing requires the use of thermal paper media, which is much more expensive than ordinary paper. In fact, the cost performance of thermal printing and thermal transfer printing are about the same, mainly depends on your use. You can use thermal printing to print tickets or movie tickets. To print bar code labels, thermal transfer printing is still required.