Self-adhesive label back printing is the abbreviation for printing on the back of the backing paper of the self-adhesive label, and pictures and texts are printed on the back of the backing paper of the self-adhesive label material. The usual purpose is to print labels on rolls, which need to be recognized by the electric eye on the back. This is especially suitable for thick cardboard and transparent stickers, such as roll clothing tag printing and train ticket printing.

Graphic printing on the back of the self-adhesive label, printing a small amount of text or pattern on the surface of the adhesive, to achieve the decoration purpose of the double-sided label. The label is used on a transparent bottle or glass containing a transparent liquid, and the pattern on the label can be clearly seen through the transparent bottle or glass, which plays a role of both sides of the label.

Label back printing

It not only saves label materials and costs, but also makes the goods have a special decoration effect. Due to the particularity of the label structure, the label printed on the back has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. Adhesive on the back cover, some labels do not need to be fully coated with adhesive on the back, but only partially coated. If the seal label is re-stickable and removable, there is no need for glue at the finger contact part; for some labels with back cuts, the back cut is easy to remove the backing paper, and no glue is required. In order to meet the above needs, the printing factory uses printing methods to print ink on the position where the adhesive is required to be removed, covering the adhesive so that it does not stick to the hands, and achieves the same effect as the local coating process in the manufacture of raw materials.

For mass production, it should be solved fundamentally from the production of raw materials. For example, the back of the fabric can be printed in advance, and then manufactured into label materials, and the back of the label can be covered by partial glue during material manufacturing. Material, processing labels with special materials. This can improve label quality and production efficiency.