With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, there is an essential thing in life, that is, self-adhesive labels, such as mobile phone stickers and cosmetics trademarks, are all made using this printing process, and their market The market share is increasing. Compared with traditional labels, what are the advantages of self-adhesive printing?

1. It is widely used, and self-adhesive labels are everywhere in life, whether in homes, companies or schools.

2. It is easy to paste. Nowadays printing does not need to use glue, paste and other adhesives, it can be pasted by just tearing it off. It is very convenient and will not pollute the appearance of the product. It also has a decorative effect. .

3. The self-adhesive label is durable. When sticking, it is firm, sticky, flexible, heat-resistant and moisture-resistant, and not easy to age.

4. Fast printing speed and less waste. For example, many college students start their own business to open copy shops, because there are many places in the university that need to use printed materials such as promotional slogans, and it is also a type of self-adhesive printing.

As the self-adhesive label possesses these characteristics, its appearance quickly replaced the traditional label. Now the self-adhesive label in our country is developing in the direction of diversification, high-grade, anti-counterfeiting, small batch and multiple varieties.

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