Some people say that Heidelberg, Koenig & Bauer, Komori, and Manroland are the four kings of the printing industry, let’s meet their strengths first.

Heidelberg from Germany has been the most trusted and innovative partner in the global printing industry, with a history of more than 160 years, more than 40% market share in the sheetfed offset press market, and annual sales of nearly 2.5 billion euros. The Heidelberg Group currently employs around 11,500 people at 250 production sites in 170 countries worldwide. Heidelberg’s goal is to shape the digital future of the printing industry.

Koenig & Bauer, also from Germany, is a leader in the printing industry, and its printing is present in all corners of our lives, in the packaging of cosmetic containers, tin cans, cartons, and even in the packaging of small snacks. With a global market share that is second to none in all sectors, Koenig & Bauer holds a quarter of the global market share for new sheetfed offset presses. More than 7,500 presses are in operation at more than 5,000 printing companies around the world.

Komori, founded in Japan in 1923, is a printing press manufacturer that seeks to advance global art, culture, and society through the medium of printing systems, focusing on creating printing environments where all types of information can be exchanged at will, with products ranging from commercial offset presses (sheetfed offset and web offset) to currency and securities presses.

Founded in 1871, Manroland is a world-renowned manufacturer of sheetfed offset presses and related technologies for commercial printing, packaging printing, and publishing applications. With 6,500 employees worldwide and an international network spanning nearly 250 countries, it has more than 140 marketing and service centers. Its web offset presses, sheetfed offset presses, and digital printing systems are the main production equipment for publication printing, commercial printing, and packaging printing.

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