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Label Wax Ribbon

The main material is the product of coating material. Because the melting point of wax is lower than that of resin, the energy level of printing with wax based carbon tape is much lower than that of printing with mixed base and resin base. Wax based carbon tape is the most economical and inexpensive carbon belt, which is mainly used for printing general paper. When using wax based carbon belt, attention must be paid to the matching with paper. Wax based carbon tape is used for materials with slightly concave and convex surface, which is not suitable for materials with smooth surface such as PET.



Product features: wide range of label adaptability, good versatility. The printing effect is excellent and the cost is economical. High temperature resistant, suitable for high speed printing. Wide range of application, can adapt to different materials. Applicable substrate: copper paper, label paper, tag paper, glossing paper, rough paper, smooth paper, synthetic paper, etc.

Applicable industries:
Packaging: Wheat label, postal package, letter package, shipping goods label, envelope address label.
Electrical appliances: mobile phone internal label, various electrical label, notebook computer label, mechanical and electrical product label.
Commodity: price label, product description label, shelf label, bar code label and drug label.
Management: Book label, vehicle inspection label, security label, property label.
Office: document label, file storage label, various items and stationery label.
Production: raw material label, processing product label, finished product label, inventory management label.
Chemical industry: paint material mark, gasoline oil product package mark and all kinds of special solvent product mark.
Others: security label, encryption label, anti-theft label.
Jewelry: jewelry tag tag, tag tag that is not easy to stick to the commodity.
Clothing: clothing tag, washing label.
Airport: boarding pass, luggage tag.
Ticket: train ticket, coach ticket.
Others: parking tickets, highway toll tickets, POS machines, business cards, postcards, plastic cards, billboards, etc.


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