Ordinary self-adhesive labels have certain storage requirements, as follows:

1. The packaging of the label products should be sealed in plastic bags, and should not directly touch the ground. It should be placed on a plastic pad or wooden board with a height of 250px or more from the ground; unused label materials should still be packaged in plastic bags and placed after sealing. Put it in inventory to avoid deformation of the label due to moisture absorption;

2. The balance of environmental temperature and humidity is very important for label storage and stickiness. It is recommended that the storage environment temperature is 20±2℃ and 65%±5% relative humidity can be stored for one year. The minimum ambient temperature should not be lower than the minimum labeling temperature of the self-adhesive material, generally +10°C;

3. If the storage temperature of the label in winter is lower than the minimum labeling temperature of the self-adhesive, the label should be placed in an environment of 18 ℃ ~ 22 ℃ 48 hours before use, which is conducive to the recovery and labeling of the label glue;

4. The label of the finished product should avoid direct sunlight and keep the package intact before use;

In the process of printing self-adhesive labels, how to avoid back-adhesive shadows? For cylindrical bottles, especially those with a diameter of less than 30MM, carefully choose materials. If the label size is too large or too small, you should pay attention to the actual test. If the object to be affixed is an irregular surface or even a spherical surface, there are specific considerations for the type of label material, thickness and adhesive.
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