To prevent self-adhesive labels from curling, which may affect the appearance and practicality of the label, you can try the following methods:

  1. Choose the appropriate materials: Use self-adhesive label materials that match the application surface, such as those suitable for adhering to plastic, metal, glass, etc.
  2. Clean the surface: Before applying the label, ensure that the surface is clean, removing dust, oil stains, and other dirt. A dry, oil-free surface helps the label adhere better.
  3. Label edge treatment: Design labels with rounded edges instead of right angles to reduce the likelihood of curling.
  4. Select suitable adhesive: Use a moderately strong and durable adhesive to ensure the label firmly adheres to the surface.
  5. Pay attention to the method when applying the label: Start from one side and gradually push to the other side when applying the label to avoid air bubbles or wrinkles.
  6. Apply appropriate pressure: After applying the label, use your finger or a dedicated tool to apply appropriate pressure, ensuring that the label is in full contact with the surface.
  7. Consider environmental factors: Take into account the temperature, humidity, and other factors of the application environment, and choose self-adhesive labels suitable for specific environmental conditions.
  8. Avoid extreme temperature changes: Do not apply labels in extreme temperatures, as this may cause the adhesive to fail.

By following these methods, you can effectively prevent self-adhesive labels from curling, ensuring an attractive and practical label.

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