To choose the right adhesive label for your product, consider the following aspects:

Product purpose

First, determine the primary purpose of the label, such as brand promotion, product information display, anti-counterfeiting, and traceability. Based on different purposes, you can determine the theme and content of the label design.

Material selection

Choose a suitable adhesive material according to the product’s characteristics and usage environment. For example, if the product needs to be used in a humid environment, you can choose water-resistant materials such as PET and PVC; if the product needs to withstand higher temperatures, you can choose heat-resistant polyester materials, etc.

Surface treatment

Depending on the product’s appearance requirements and protective needs, you can choose different surface treatments, such as glossy, matte, laminated, or frosted.

Color and design

When designing adhesive labels, ensure the color and style are consistent with the product brand while considering the label’s aesthetics and readability. You can choose a professional designer to ensure the quality of the label design.

Size and shape

Choose the appropriate label size and shape based on the product’s size and shape. You can choose standard shapes such as rectangular, circular, or oval, or customize non-standard shapes according to specific needs.

Printing technology

Choose the printing technology suitable for your product, such as flexographic printing, screen printing, or digital printing. Different printing technologies have different advantages and disadvantages, so choose based on your needs, budget, and production volume.

Cost budget

When selecting adhesive labels, consider the cost budget. Communicate with multiple printing factories to understand their quotes and services, and choose the one with the best cost-performance ratio.

In conclusion, when choosing the right adhesive label for your product, you should comprehensively consider various aspects to ensure the label meets the product’s needs and reflects the brand image.

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