When you are tasting delicious wines and admiring beautifully designed wine labels, have you noticed the difference in wine label paper? Do you understand their attributes? Are you familiar with what kind of wine label should be used and what paper? Bring the above Questions, let us explore the secrets together!

Coated paper

Coated paper is one of our most commonly used wine label papers. The price is relatively cheap. Generally, the supply is relatively sufficient, and the printing color is relatively high. There are also matte coated paper and glossy coated paper in the coated paper. The distinction between the two is mainly in the glossiness. The following wine label chose coated paper, supplemented by printing and bronzing UV technology.

Book paper/environmental protection paper

Book paper and environmentally friendly paper are also one of our most commonly used wine label papers. The price is relatively cheap, the color reproduction is high, the gloss is more elegant, and the physical effect is more high-end than the coated paper.

The black wine label is printed on environmentally friendly paper, and the white wine label is printed on book paper. The physical effects of the two will be very close.

Polar white paper

The polar white paper has a layer of texture on the surface and belongs to special paper. The printing color is not as high as that of book paper and environmentally friendly paper, but the relative texture of the actual object will be much higher than his. Because the paper has texture, the requirement for the texture bronzing process is relatively higher!

In addition, the paper texture of the white cotton paper is very close to that of polar white paper, but when printing, due to the high water absorption of white cotton paper, the printing color will be deeper than polar white paper, so we need to pay attention when choosing white cotton paper. The following is the presentation effect of our selection of polar elegant white paper for the fruit wine label.

Ice bucket paper

Ice bucket paper is a relatively high-end and more expensive specialty paper. The main reason is that when red wine is soaked in an ice bucket, the wine label paper is not easy to break. The following is the actual effect of using ice bucket paper for Winery products.

Ganggu Paper

Ganggu paper is a kind of special paper with a long and thin texture. It is used in most wine labels and beige Ganggu paper is more common. We will see that many French wines in the old century are selected from the past Paper, Ganggu paper itself will give people a sense of ancient weight. The price is relatively cheap.

Gold, silver, and platinum

Gold, silver, and platinum paper is a relatively dazzling special paper. Because of the gold and silver luster of the paper itself, it will be used in relatively high-end products. The price will be relatively more expensive. The following is the real wine label using the real effect of gold, silver and platinum combined with zinc alloy metal brand materials.

Pearl paper

The pearlescent paper also uses more common special papers. The surface of the pearlescent paper itself has gloss. The physical presentation will give people a rich and beautiful visual sense. We mostly use ice wine products. There are also beige pearlescent and ice white pearlescent in pearl paper, which is mainly different from the color of the paper surface. Of course, pearl paper also has a paper with different textures. The following two ice wines are the actual effects printed on the pearl paper.


Leather is also a widely used wine label material at this stage. You can choose different colors and different textures of the skin. The only drawback is that as a wine label, it can only be labeled manually. The leather label can be combined with the hot stamping process. Below is the leather label. The first time a wine label with leather label material appeared in the local area, this product detonated the market.


PVC has been used by most wine merchants in the past two years, and the physical effect of the wine label is very close to the effect of the metal brand.

Metal plate

Metal plates are relatively expensive materials and need to be opened separately, which can be used for printing, convex, frosted, glue, and other processes, which are more high-end than paper.