The requirements for the production of label for drugs and health care products are text is clear, clean and free of impurities.

So generally the labels will be printed on art paper, PP, PE, embossed paper, metallic materials.

The finish of laminition, varnish, gold foil, emboss and nanotechnology are available create different effects.

The labels could be diecut into differet shapes and special shapes, or with fronts and backs in the same roll.

According to the application of this type of products, it can meet the needs of small diameter bottle labeling.

There is no warp after labeling on the oral liquid and vial body. It does not fall off.

The small letters on the layout is clear and does not fade, anti-friction.

The production date could be sprayed on labels easily in assembly line based on demands.

It can also achieve waterproof effect according to demand.

ROHS standards environmental friendly materials and inks are also available.

It can be made into a sealing label, which plays the role of anti-disassembly before sales.

It can be made into a special area without adhesive, which is convenient to peel off.

It can also be made into a removalble sealing sticker to save the internal products.

Scratch silver labels also belong to drugs and health care labels.

Our scratch silver label coating is easy to scratch off and does not harm the content of the anti-fake code.

It can meet the demand of anti-counterfeiting traceability and prize redemption.