In recent years, China’s self-adhesive label printing has made tremendous development and has occupied an important position in the world. However, compared with developed countries, my country’s label printing market still has a gap. The specific manifestation is: label printing and letterpress still occupy a dominant position. , And flexo printing has long been the main focus in the world; paper still accounts for a large proportion, 85% of my country is wet-opening labels, while internationally, it has turned to film; there are fewer professional label printing companies; label printing uses There are few new technologies, and some technologies are even blank, such as radio frequency smart tags.

However, the changes in current market needs, especially in the era of world economic integration, continue to put forward new and higher requirements for label printing, which are mainly manifested in the application of new technologies, multi-functionality, and new varieties for multiple purposes. aspect. In other words, the competition in the label market is all-round, including product competition, service competition, brand competition, and speed and efficiency competition.

Among them, product competition is reflected in the stability of product quality, the complete product series, and the richness of product application fields. In addition, advanced development technology and R&D capabilities will affect the product series, application fields and functions.

For products of the same quality, service will easily become a decisive factor. To improve service levels requires cost and rich management experience, which will continue to be reflected in future competition.

Now is an era of focusing on brands. When the differences in product quality, price, and service of various suppliers are gradually narrowing, the brand effect will play a guiding role. Establish a brand among direct customers and end users, assist direct customers to better serve end users and solve various needs and problems.

The collection and feedback of market information, on-demand production and supply capabilities, production efficiency, and the speed of new product research and development, etc., all reflect the speed and efficiency of competition, and also reflect the comprehensive strength of the enterprise itself. In the future competition, the speed and efficiency of each link of marketing, sales, production, distribution, research and development will bring huge competitive advantages to label suppliers.

Therefore, my country’s label printing companies need to continue to make breakthroughs in independent innovation of technology and equipment, and continue to expand their market share with advanced production technology, stable quality, excellent service, and sufficient funds.