Barcode printers are classified in different ways. Generally, there are the following classification methods:

According to the working principle:

The printers are divided into two categories: impact type and non-impact type. There are two main types of non-impact printers for string dot matrix characters, inkjet, and thermal barcode printers. Line dot matrix character non-impact printers mainly include laser, electrostatic, magnetic, and light-emitting diode printers.

By working method:

Divided into stylus bar code printer, inkjet bar code printer, laser bar code printer, etc.

By purpose:

Office barcode printer

In this application area, dot matrix printers have always occupied a dominant position. Because the stylus printer has medium resolution and printing speed, cheap consumables, it also has the characteristics of high-speed skipping, multiple copy printing, wide-format printing, convenient maintenance, etc., it is the best choice for printing reports and invoices in office and transaction processing. Model.

The printer is a nine-pin serial impact dot matrix receipt printer. It can print the information to be output from the computer on paper with readable graphics or symbols. Commonly used are line printers, dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, and so on.

Commercial barcode printer

Commercial printers refer to printers used for commercial printing. Because this area requires relatively high printing quality, and sometimes documents with graphics and text are required to be processed, high-resolution laser printers are generally used.

Dedicated barcode printer

Dedicated printers generally refer to various printers used in dedicated systems, such as passbook printers, flat push receipt printers, bar code printers, and thermal printers.

Bluetooth barcode printer

The Bluetooth printer is a small printer that realizes data transmission through Bluetooth; the Bluetooth printer (2 sheets) prints various small tickets and bar codes. The difference from the conventional printer is that it can operate the proximity card and can read the proximity card The card number and data of each sector can also be written to each sector.

Portable barcode printer

Portable printers are generally used in conjunction with notebook computers and have the characteristics of small size, lightweight, battery drive, and easy portability. Printers, network printers, network printers are used in network systems and need to provide printing services for most people. Therefore, such printers are required to have the characteristics of fast printing speed, automatic switching of emulation modes and network protocols, and easy management by network administrators.