When we buy clothes, we will habitually look at the label or tag of the clothes to understand the size of the clothes, the flexible label fixed on the clothes, which is called the washing label in the industry, also called the washing label and the washing cloth label. A label made of a kind of special material, with a special water-washed ribbon for printing, the data on the label can still be read after several items of washing. For clothing manufacturers, choosing the right washing label printer can improve work efficiency.

   Washable label printers are classified by color:

Monochrome: One color of the printed label (not limited to black)

Two-color: The printed washable label has two colors. The current color scheme can include gold ink ribbon, black ink ribbon, red ink ribbon, gray ink ribbon, green ink ribbon, blue ink ribbon, copper ink ribbon, white ink ribbon, Silver ink ribbon, etc., two-color washable label printing is more common in China, mainly for Japanese orders. The standard for Japanese washable label printing is to add a red cross to the black washable label sign.

  The selection consideration and classification of the enterprise washing label printer:

Factors to consider when choosing a washing label printer for clothing, home textiles, toys, fabrics, and other companies:

1. The material type, size, and print volume of the washable label;

2. The color and printing effect requirements of the washed label;

3. Correspondence between the quality of the washing label and the product itself. Clothing with quality requirements must pay attention to this point, and it must not be too small for a small loss;

4. The quality requirements of the washing label: washing requirements, washing resistance, sand washing resistance, enzyme washing;

5. Cost and long-term durability of the washable label printer itself.

   Clothing company’s own printer and processing printer:

1. The amount is limited and the material is generally fixed, so commercial or light industrial-grade models are recommended.

2. Processing printers are mainly for printing factories, auxiliary material companies, and processors. Due to the different types of materials, size changes, and large processing volume of each customer’s processing orders, it is recommended to use industrial-grade printers and the above models.

Washing Labels