In the production process of self-adhesive label printing, the release of the film before printing or the CTP version is the first production link after the document design is completed. Therefore, it is particularly important to check the accuracy of the manuscript before the production line. This is the best time to avoid waste.

Proofreading and preventive measures of self-adhesive labels before printing:

The first is to check the content of the label manuscript: whether the content of the manuscript is correct is the key to product quality. If there is a problem, the small one affects the quality of the product, and the large one causes waste. Therefore, the review of the content of the manuscript is an important task in the production of products, especially for some urgent items. Sometimes due to the progress of the work, individual staff ignore this inspection, causing some content problems and delaying the construction period. , Causing irreparable losses to the factory.

The content of the manuscript mainly includes text, images, graphics and other items. The text inspection mainly checks the font, font size, typesetting format, etc.

Image inspection mainly checks image format, color mode, resolution, size, placement location, etc. Graphic inspection mainly checks the pattern, size, position, etc. of the graphic. Second, check the format of the label imposition: the imposition format must match the binding method. If the product needs to be bound at the end, the binding issue should be considered when designing and writing the manuscript. Is product binding perfect binding, saddle stitching, or stitching? Is it a half-fold or a quarter-fold? The requirements are different, and the typesetting methods are different. All of these should be accurate.

Finally, we must check the sticker specifications: the imposition specifications should meet the specifications of the printing equipment and the paper size. The specifications of the self-adhesive printing equipment and the paper size determine the size of the page layout. Sometimes, due to communication problems, the designer did not notice this situation, and the layout size exceeded the paper size, which affected the production schedule. Similar issues must be resolved before the CTP version is sent or released. In short, check the details before making the self-adhesive label to avoid errors and losses.

What are the characteristics of self-adhesive label printing compared with traditional label printing?

Compared with traditional labels, self-adhesive labels do not need to be brushed, glued, dipped in water, and have no pollution. They can save labeling time and can be applied to various occasions conveniently and quickly.

Pre-press sample inspection