The traditional logistics industry uses four-unit or five-unit express delivery, which is not only costly, but also slow in order processing and delivery. With the ever-increasing development of the huge e-commerce industry, how to operate logistics more efficiently has become an urgent issue to be solved. The three-layer thermal adhesive produced by Weifang Xinxing Label Products Co., Ltd. effectively solves this problem. It combines the use of bar code printers and information systems, which can greatly increase the speed of e-commerce, logistics and express delivery companies’ outbound and delivery speed, improve labor productivity, and have the advantages of time saving, high efficiency, economy and environmental protection. And greatly reduce costs.

Maintain the integrity of the information throughout the transportation process

Logistics labels often suffer severe wear and tear during transportation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the label must have strong abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. In response to this problem of logistics labels, our company has produced labels that can withstand abrasion during packaging and transportation. For long-distance transportation, after many cargo transfers, our logistics standard still shows strong vitality and maintains the integrity of information.

RFID tags ensure inventory accuracy and visibility

The RFID tags produced by our company can achieve rapid processing, automated product verification, shipment inspection and improve operational efficiency, especially when the variable information needs to be quickly modified. When the distribution center receives the goods that support RFID technology, the accuracy of the shipment can be automatically checked without manual intervention, which can not only improve the accuracy of reception, but also increase the processing speed of incoming goods.

In addition to the above label requirements, we have also developed a removable, re-sealable, and non-marking label. Regardless of the special label requirements, we can provide perfect solutions one by one. Weifang Xinxing Label Products Co., Ltd. will be your most trusted partner.

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