The ribbon is in direct contact with the thermal transfer head on the thermal transfer equipment, and the thermal transfer ink directly contacts the printed object. When working, the thermal transfer head emits heat instantaneously, and the heat from the hot spot is transferred to the thermal transfer ink layer through the smooth coating and base film. The thermal transfer ink melts and is hot stamped on the printed matter to form text and images. The high-quality ribbon has no residue of thermal transfer ink in the heated part after transfer. Currently, imaging materials have different colors, but black is the most common color. The thermal transfer ribbon adopts high-strength ultra-thin film and high-concentration ink, and adopts a single-use method to print characters with high quality, and overcomes ink-jet bleed paper, easily soluble in water, and moisture-sensitive paper. Defects such as large impact and difficult to save images. The thermal transfer method does not require any print media. It can achieve high-definition printing on plain paper, recycled paper, wax paper, ordinary film, envelopes, label paper, and fabrics. These are inkjet printing. Unable to do it. The demand of the market determines that the market capacity of the thermal transfer ribbon shows a very strong growth trend.

Label Wax/Resin Ribbon 4

Technical Support

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