Food labels are mainly printed on art paper, synthetic paper, pearl white vinyl, metalized material with the finish of lamination, varnish, gold foil, emboss or nami depending on clients demand.

It will help to attract more attention on the shelf.

The labels will not fall off after stick, with clear barcodes.

Based on different requirements, labels could be waterproof, easy to spray the manufacturing date and anti abresion.

ROHS standard environment-friendly materials and inks are available to meet with the market requirements.

Many kids food labels are produced by environment-friendly materials and inks.

It is easy to separate the labels from the liner.

Clear PET liner labels are also available to meet with high speed labeling requirment.

We can also make the labels into waist seal without adhesive in the middle for boxes, which are largely used in the packaging standard of take-out food.

It can also be made into a sealing label, which plays the role of anti-disassembly before sale.