Warmer weather will have a certain impact on the production, storage and use of self-adhesive labels. Here are some things to pay attention to:

1. Maintain suitable temperature and humidity: When producing, storing and using self-adhesive labels, avoid exposure to excessive temperature and humidity, otherwise it may cause problems such as deformation of the label material and weakening of the viscosity. It is recommended to store and use self-adhesive labels at room temperature around 20°C.
2. Protect from sunlight and humidity: As the weather gets warmer, the influence of sunlight and rain will also increase, so care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight and moisture when storing and using self-adhesive labels. It is recommended that labels be stored in a cool, dry place and that surfaces be wiped clean before use.
3. Choose the right material: Different self-adhesive label materials are suitable for different environmental conditions. When the weather gets warmer, it is recommended to choose materials that are resistant to high temperature, water and sunlight to make labels to ensure the quality and stickiness of the labels.
4. Pay attention to the shelf life: Self-adhesive labels also have a shelf life, especially in high temperature and high humidity environments, the shelf life will be shorter. Therefore, you need to check the shelf life of the label before using it, and try to avoid using expired labels.
5. Regularly check the quality: When producing and using self-adhesive labels, it is necessary to regularly check their quality, including viscosity, color, printing effect, etc. If problems are found, measures should be taken to solve them in time to avoid affecting the use effect and customer experience.