Thermal transfer technology, to put it simply, is to use a special thermal transfer ribbon to transfer the toner coating on the thermal transfer ribbon to the For paper or other types of materials since the coating material on the thermal transfer ribbon can be selected according to needs, it will produce strong adhesion. Coupled with the choice of print media, it can better ensure that the printed handwriting is not affected by external influences. As a result, different printing products can be made instantly on-site as needed.

Thermal transfer ribbon is a very versatile product with a huge amount of usage. With the rapid development of information technology in our country and the continuous expansion and deepening of computer applications, people’s demand for high-speed and high-quality output printing is increasing. The traditional printing methods on the market are in terms of price, printing quality, and printing speed. It is difficult to meet the all-around needs of users. Because the thermal transfer ribbon adopts high-strength ultra-thin film and high-concentration ink and adopts a single-use method, the printed characters are of high quality, the ribbon has a long service life, and it overcomes ink-jet bleeding and is easily soluble For water and other defects, the thermal transfer method does not require any printing media and can achieve high-definition printing on plain paper, recycled paper, wax paper, ordinary film, envelopes, label paper and fabric.

Technical Support

Weifang Xinxing Label has many years of experience in identification work and can provide users with one-stop identification application technical services. These services include software, equipment, consumables, as well as agent processing services, and can provide enterprises with complete identification application management solutions.