As a Customized Adhesive Labels Supplier, share with you. Circulation products from all walks of life must use packaging. What are the packaging concepts and functions of major brands in the consumer goods industry? What is the role of labels on product packaging?

Protective function of packaging

Quality is the guarantee of products, and quality is the life of an enterprise. If the packaging does not play an effective role in protecting the product, such as damage, abrasion or product damage caused by falling during transportation and storage, it is considered that the packaging is not enough to protect the product. In addition, in the field of e-commerce where the share of channels is increasing, the protection performance of packaging products is higher. In a longer and more complex logistics chain, ensuring that the goods reach consumers intact will bring greater challenges to packaging.

In the packaging certification process of a brand company, functional certification is considered an extremely important part. Products that test various functions (such as drop, vibration, friction, etc.) must pass certification. At the same time, many companies have included the testing of simulating actual transportation into the scope of packaging function certification. The scope of testing includes small-scale testing, medium-scale testing, large-scale testing, the final large-scale production stage, and even channel tracking after production, such as large warehouses, e-commerce logistics warehouses, etc. Therefore, protecting the product is the top priority of packaging.

Packaging appearance display function

Details Label

Another important function of packaging is to promote sales. In addition to the necessary product text introductions required by laws and regulations, graphic design content such as appropriately matched color patterns and exquisite text expressions can enhance the appearance of the packaging.

At the same time, the exquisite structural design combined with functions can also bring a sense of three-dimensionality and realism to the product. Of course, certain material processing techniques, such as printing cat’s eye technology and special paper selection, can improve the visual effect of the product’s appearance. Coupled with the popular two-dimensional code one product one code technology and augmented reality technology, it can increase the customer’s interactive experience and enable consumers to perceive and receive content other than product identification information.

The last stroke of the label

The label carries the complete product information and display effect, but also shows the temperament and personality of the product itself. It should be said that it is the last touch of the product packaging.

One of the requirements for the label on the finished product is the quality requirement, that is, no wrinkles, no bubbles, no scratches, no burrs, etc. Accurate overprinting, no overlap, no ink leakage, no ink impurities, etc. Good adhesion, no warpage.