As a Customized Adhesive Labels Supplier, share with you. In recent years, the traditional metal and glass containers in the daily chemical industry have been gradually replaced by lightweight plastic hose packaging. Investigating the reasons, we can find that plastic hoses have the following advantages:

The plastic hose is hygienic and convenient to use, and the surface is bright and beautiful, so it has been widely used in the packaging of cream cosmetics, such as facial cleanser, hair conditioner, hair dye, toothpaste and other products in the cosmetics industry, as well as the pharmaceutical industry Packaging of creams and ointments for external use.

The plastic tube packaging is economical and convenient, and easy to carry. Even with high-strength squeezing, it can still restore its original shape and maintain a good appearance. Data shows that 60%~70% of hoses are used in the cosmetics industry, 10%~15% of the hoses are used in the pharmaceutical industry, and about 5% is used in the food industry.

Therefore, how to better realize the design concept of the product through the tube packaging, strengthen the decorative effect of the tube packaging, and attract the attention of consumers more quickly and fit the brand temperament has become an important topic for end users.

Plastic tube packaging product structure

The main part of the plastic hose includes the shoulder, the tube (body) and the tail, and the tube is often decorated with direct printing or self-adhesive labels to carry text or pattern information and enhance the value of product packaging.

At present, the decoration of the hose is mainly achieved through direct printing and self-adhesive labels. Among them, direct printing includes screen printing and offset printing.

Compared with direct printing, the advantages of self-adhesive labels include:

Printing diversity and stability: The traditional extruded hose’s process of making tubes and then printing usually uses offset printing and screen printing, while non-drying printing can use relief printing, flexographic printing, offset printing, screen printing, bronzing, etc. The combined printing process makes the difficult color performance more stable and excellent.

Reduce inventory costs and risks: Customers’ demand for faster delivery times pushes hose manufacturers to improve production efficiency. When direct printing, it is necessary to stock hose finished products, which is more costly. The delivery cycle of self-adhesive labels is shorter, and only bare tube inventory is required, which can reduce the risk of out of stock.