Self adhesive labels are more and more widely used in our daily life. All kinds of packaging and commodities will be labeled with decorative and explanatory labels. Some labels will make the appearance more beautiful, but some labels will affect the appearance, because some self-adhesive labels can not be removed, and there will be residual glue marks after tearing off the labels, which will affect the appearance. So by our professional label manufacturer tutor you how to remove the label skillfully.
1、 It’s easy to tear off the label and the place where the goods are bonded with an electric hair dryer.
2、 If the label is soaked in rice washing water, the alkaline adhesive of the label will react with the acid in the water, and the label will be easy to remove.
3、 Drop vinegar on the label and leave for about 15 minutes. The vinegar will dissolve the adhesive and make the label easy to remove.
4、 Use the rubber to wipe the label continuously, the place with glue will turn black, and the glue will slowly fall off after continuing to wipe.
5、 WD-40 can be used not only for cleaning adhesive, but also for rust prevention, lubrication, derusting, cleaning, etc. it is very easy to use.
6、 Use the self-adhesive remover to spray the mark part of the label, which can be quickly wiped off. It is suitable for large area of hard to remove self-adhesive label.