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Self-adhesive labels can be divided into high temperature resistant self-adhesive labels, low temperature resistant self-adhesive labels, corrosion-resistant self-adhesive labels, waterproof self-adhesive labels, environmental protection self-adhesive labels, removable self-adhesive labels, etc.

  • A fragile security label is a tamper-evident label designed to show clear signs of tampering if someone attempts to remove or manipulate it. Attaching importance to it helps protect valuable products and sensitive information, ensuring their authenticity and integrity.

    Why is the fragile security label important?

    Fragile security labels play a crucial role in preventing unauthorized access, tampering, or counterfeiting of products or sensitive documents. They provide an extra layer of security, safeguarding brand reputation and consumer trust.
  • A multi-layer label is an innovative labeling solution that features multiple layers, providing additional space for information. It is crucial as it allows for more content without compromising design or aesthetics.

    Why is the multi-layer label important?

    1. Regulatory compliance: Meeting labeling regulations in various industries.
    2. Consumer engagement: Providing more information can boost consumer trust.
    3. Space optimization: Maximizing packaging space without cluttering the design.
  • A barcode label is a printed representation of data using a series of parallel lines or other patterns that can be scanned and interpreted by a barcode reader. The importance of barcode labels lies in their ability to quickly and accurately convey information for various purposes.

    Why is the barcode label important?

    1. Enhance efficiency in data management and retrieval
    2. Reduce human errors in data entry and processing
    3. Enable real-time inventory tracking and management
    4. Streamline supply chain and logistics operations
    5. Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • A double-sided printing label is a label with printed content on both its front and back sides. It is important because it efficiently utilizes space for additional information or design elements, enhancing branding and packaging appeal.

    Why is the double-sided printing label important?

    The double-sided printing label is important because:
    • It provides extra space for essential information
    • It improves product branding and aesthetics
    • It helps reduce packaging size by maximizing label usage
  • VOID Label is a type of security label; these labels are designed to indicate that a label has been tampered with by displaying a void message on the substrate (total transfer), on the back of the label (non-transfer), or both (partial transfer) when the label is removed.
  • We offer integrated EAS labels to help protect your brand and reduce shrinkage. Our solution integrates your label with a covertly embedded RF EAS enabled security tag. We can integrate EAS labels into any existing label shape or type. Our solution is easily integrated into existing label printing and applicator equipment. These are ideal for: Supermarkets Nutraceuticals Health products Premium foods Premium beverages Personal care Any other high-value FMCG items
  • A double layer label is a specialized type of label consisting of two layers of material, with the top layer being partially or completely removable to reveal additional information or graphics on the bottom layer. This design allows for more content to be displayed in a limited space, making it an ideal solution for products with extensive information, promotional messages, or multiple languages.

    Why is the double layer label important?

    The double layer label is important because it:
    • Maximizes available space: Provides more room for product information, instructions, or promotional content without increasing the label's overall size.
    • Enhances user experience: Allows consumers to access additional information by simply lifting the top layer, which can be resealed if necessary.
    • Complies with regulations: Helps manufacturers meet labeling requirements by including necessary information without overcrowding the label.
    • Boosts marketing efforts: Offers unique opportunities for creative marketing strategies and promotions.
  • The special-shaped die-cut label and the special tail design can play the role of the sealing label. The beautiful and simple packaging effect is more in line with the modern minimalist concept, reducing the cumbersome opening of the package and enjoying the food as soon as possible. The label is printed with bright silver dragon self-adhesive material, which reflects the effect of a metal label and increases the three-dimensional sense of the label. It can be used for food labels, dried fruit labels, snack labels, passion fruit labels, yellow peach labels, health care product labels, sealing labels, medicine labels, etc. You can also choose coated paper, pearlescent film, synthetic paper, bright silver dragon, rainbow silver, transparent self-adhesive, Asian silver PET, brushed silver, brushed gold, Asian silver aluminum foil, and other materials according to your needs.
  • An embossed label is a label featuring raised designs or text, created by applying pressure to the material. It adds a tactile and visual appeal to the label, enhancing its aesthetic value and making it more eye-catching. This can help improve brand recognition and product perception.

    Why is the embossed label important?

    The embossed label is important because:
    • It adds a unique, tactile dimension to the label
    • It increases the perceived value of the product
    • It enhances the overall appearance and design
    • It improves brand recognition and visibility
  • A low temperature resistant self-adhesive label is a type of label specifically designed to withstand low temperatures without losing its adhesive properties or degrading in quality. These labels are crucial for industries where products are exposed to low temperatures, such as cold storage, logistics, and food industries.

    Why is the low temperature resistant self-adhesive label important?

    The importance of low temperature resistant self-adhesive label lies in their ability to maintain their adhesion and readability in extreme cold conditions. Standard labels may become brittle, lose adhesion, or become unreadable at low temperatures, causing potential identification issues or loss of crucial information.
  • A transparent label is a type of label made from clear materials, allowing the product or packaging to show through. Attaching importance to transparent labels is crucial as they offer a seamless, minimalistic look while still providing essential information about the product. These labels can enhance the visual appeal of a product and create a sense of premium quality. Why is the transparent label important?
    1. Enhance product aesthetics: They create a clean, unobtrusive look that can make a product more visually appealing.
    2. Showcase product quality: Transparent labels allow consumers to see the product itself, emphasizing the quality and characteristics of the contents.
    3. Offer versatility: They can be used on various packaging materials and for a wide range of products, making them a versatile labeling option.
    4. Improve brand perception: A well-designed transparent label can elevate the perception of a brand, creating a sense of luxury or sophistication.
  • An environmental label is a certification or mark that indicates a product or service meets specific environmental standards, such as reduced carbon emissions, energy efficiency, or sustainable sourcing. Attaching importance to environmental labels helps consumers make informed choices, promotes environmentally responsible practices, and encourages businesses to reduce their ecological impact.

    Why is the environmental label important?

    1. Encourages sustainable practices: Labels incentivize businesses to adopt eco-friendly production methods and reduce their environmental footprint.
    2. Informs consumers: Labels help consumers identify and choose environmentally responsible products or services.
    3. Enhances brand reputation: Companies with environmental certifications can improve their public image and attract environmentally conscious customers.
    4. Supports regulatory compliance: Environmental labels may be required by law or industry standards for certain products or services.
  • A corrosion resistant label is a type of label designed to withstand harsh environments, including exposure to chemicals, moisture, and extreme temperatures. These labels are essential because they ensure that crucial information remains legible and intact, even under adverse conditions, maintaining safety, product identification, and traceability.

    Why is the corrosion resistant label important?

    1. Preserve essential information: They maintain the legibility of important information, such as warnings, instructions, or identification data, under harsh conditions.
    2. Maintain safety: By remaining intact and legible, these labels help ensure the safe handling, storage, and use of products, particularly in industrial or hazardous environments.
    3. Enhance durability: Corrosion resistant labels offer a longer service life, reducing the need for frequent label replacement and the associated costs.
    4. Improve traceability: They maintain product identification and tracking data, even when exposed to harsh conditions, supporting supply chain management and quality control.
  • A booklet label, also known as an extended content label, is a type of label that consists of multiple layers or pages, allowing for the inclusion of additional information beyond what can be accommodated on a standard label. We should attach importance to booklet labels because they provide extra space for essential details, instructions, warnings, or promotional content without increasing the packaging size.

    Why is the booklet label important?

    1. Space-saving: They allow for the inclusion of more information without requiring larger packaging or additional labels.
    2. Compliance: Booklet labels can help manufacturers meet regulatory requirements by providing adequate space for mandatory information, warnings, or instructions.
    3. Multilingual communication: They can accommodate multiple languages, ensuring that important information is accessible to a diverse customer base.
    4. Enhanced user experience: By providing additional details, usage instructions, or tips, booklet labels can improve customer satisfaction and product usability.
    5. Marketing opportunities: The extra space can be used for promotional content, coupons, or cross-selling information.
  • A durable label is a type of adhesive label designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. We should attach importance to durable labels because they provide long-lasting identification, information, and tracking for products and components in demanding environments.

    Why is the durable label important?

    1. Longevity: They maintain their legibility and adhesion over time, ensuring consistent identification and tracking of products and components.
    2. Resistance: Durable labels are designed to withstand harsh conditions, such as chemicals, moisture, abrasion, and extreme temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of industries.
    3. Compliance: They help companies meet industry standards and regulations by providing long-lasting and reliable labeling solutions.
    4. Enhanced safety: Durable labels contribute to workplace safety by providing clear and lasting information on hazards, safety procedures, and equipment identification.
  • An ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) label is a specialized adhesive label designed to help identify and protect sensitive electronic components and devices from the damaging effects of electrostatic discharge. ESD labels are important because they help to prevent damage to electronic components, reducing the risk of product failure and ensuring the reliability of electronic devices.

    Why is the ESD label important?

    1. Protection: ESD labels help protect sensitive electronic components from the damaging effects of electrostatic discharge, preventing product failure.
    2. Identification: ESD labels clearly identify components and devices that require special handling and protection against electrostatic discharge.
    3. Compliance: Using ESD labels helps companies comply with industry standards and regulations related to the handling and protection of sensitive electronic components.
    4. Cost reduction: By preventing damage to electronic components, ESD labels can help reduce the costs associated with product returns, repairs, and replacements.