Our Strengths

Sufficient and reliable raw materials

We use Avery Dennison’s raw materials and have a large warehouse of raw materials. All kinds of commonly used raw materials are available. We can start production quickly when we receive orders.

Avery Dennison’s raw materials

Wide Product Range

We have a wide range of labels and ribbon products and can respond to all your barcode printer supplies needs, thus reducing the time, cost, and risk involved in sourcing from more than one supplier.

Unbeatable Price

Due to our high volume purchasing power, our continuous investment in automated production/conversion machinery, and our very efficient supply chain, we can offer you an unbeatable quality to price proposal.

Own R & D team and product laboratory

We have our own product laboratory to test the labels for special purposes, such as high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, and friction resistance.

Label Laboratory

All series of printing equipment

We have a flexographic printing machine, intermittent PS plate printing machine, satellite full wheel rotary printing machine, screen printing machine, and other printing equipment to meet the needs of customers.

12-color flexo printing machine

The strict quality inspection system

We have a number of high-speed label inspection machines to monitor each label to ensure that each label received by customers is qualified. We have passed ISO9001 and other certifications.