With the continuous development of the self-adhesive printing industry, the requirements for the design and quality of self-adhesive printing are getting higher and higher. Sometimes, the surface of self-adhesive printed matter has bright luster and special luster. It looks very artistic. Obviously, all of these are related to printing technology. If the craftsmanship is good, the self-adhesive printed matter will be better. The following briefly introduces the self-adhesive printing methods with different gloss effects.

1. Refraction processing

Refraction is to use the dense embossing process to extrude the fine concave and convex lines arranged in different directions on the surface of the material printed with anodized aluminum or aluminized paper. effect.

Traditional refraction technology-the protective film consists of lines and curves in different directions arranged in regular geometric figures, which affect the effect of the basic elements of the lines. Generally, a product uses 4-6 angles, which should not be too many. It should be combined with computer technology and traditional plate making, printing and pressing processes. According to the change of the pattern radius, the influence of the refraction curve can be changed.

2. Crystal flash luster processing

Crystal glittering gloss refers to the faint crystalline substance contained in the surface of the printed product or the transparent ink layer.

Two processes: dry sprinkling bonding method and ink printing method-using screen technology

3. Laser rainbow gloss processing

Laser packaging films generally use computer dot-matrix lithography technology, 3D true color holography technology, multiple and dynamic imaging technology. After molding, the hologram with rainbow dynamics and three-dimensional effects is transferred to PET, BOPP, PVC or coated substrates. And then use composite, hot stamping, transfer and other methods to obtain a certain laser effect on the packaging surface.

Bright silver aluminum foil paper label

4. printing pearlescent luster processing

It is to use pearl oil for glazing or primer. We always insist on quality first, reputation first, and constantly improve internal management, strive to reduce costs, and improve product quality and service levels. We are willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life to create a brilliant future.


Self-adhesive printing products have full pages and solid areas, as well as text, lines, and patterns. Such as: wine boxes, drug trademarks and other printed products, the color sequence of printing is best to print text, lines, and patterns first, and then put the full page on the machine for printing, so as to avoid the thick adhesive paper and the imprinting. When the paper is dry, it collides and rubs, and the backside is dirty. Copperplate stickers and plastic film stickers are appropriately decorated with anodized aluminum on the layout, which will greatly increase the added value of the product. However, if the process is improper, there will be problems in the hot stamping of the film self-adhesive anodized aluminum, such as the layout, the aluminum foil is not firmly attached, and the layout edge roughness, which will seriously affect the product’s market image. In order to make the hot foil layout clear, the zinc plate should be corroded deeper, so that a certain amount of height difference is formed between the hot stamping layout and the blank part, so as not to appear conspicuous. Since the foil foil pressure is correspondingly higher than the printing pressure, in order to avoid the burrs on the edge of the aluminum plate caused by the compression deformation of the lining, the lining (liner) should be made of medium-hard material, which has a small deformation coefficient and good flatness to ensure hot The printing effect makes the quality of batches of products consistent.