When choosing a suitable barcode printer, pay attention to the following points:

1. Determine the model according to the barcode printing volume
If you print no more than 4000 labels per day, it is recommended to purchase an ordinary commercial barcode printer. Its paper capacity and ribbon capacity are small, and the product is small in appearance and does not occupy an area. It is suitable for office premises, and the printing effect and printing quality Meet common needs. If you print more than 4000 labels per day, it is recommended to buy an industrial barcode printer. The industrial barcode printer is mainly made of the metal structure, which can accommodate large paper rolls and longer ribbons, has a longer service life, and is more suitable for harsh environments. Used in the environment, it is a suitable choice for large factories.

2. Choose models according to print quality requirements
If the print quality requirements are high, such as in the jewelry, electronics industry or require printing on smaller labels, it is recommended to use a barcode printer with a resolution of 300DPI or more, and other ordinary labels can use 200DPI.

3. Choose dealers who can provide comprehensive services
Consumers need dealers who can provide complete product technical support, after-sales service, and related products. For example, printing consumables are very important in supporting products. When choosing a printer, if the dealer also provides appropriate consumables for this printer, It can avoid the mismatch of improper consumables and the printer from affecting the printing effect and even causing malfunctions.

4. Choose to set up products with formal after-sales service
Many products are sold by agents and provide after-sales service. Agents often change. In this case, it is often difficult to provide stable after-sales protection. It is recommended to buy products with after-sales service provided by manufacturers.

5. Choose a bar code printer for consumables
In order to make profits on consumables, some printer brands require the printer to use special consumables, otherwise, it will not be able to print normally, and even the damage caused by this will not be guaranteed. This is something you should pay attention to when buying a printer, especially for current printers. The price of consumables continues to drop, and it is even more important to buy printers with general consumables.

6. Choose a barcode printer with practical functions and a price that truly reflects the cost
Some brands of bar code printers add some infrequent functions to increase the price, out of the real demand, buying a moderately priced printer with suitable functions is the best way to reduce costs. But it doesn’t mean that cheap printers are right for you. Some low-priced barcode printers on the market are of poor quality, which causes waste and increases costs. Printers with three-day printing and two-day maintenance are definitely not available for purchase.