Anti-counterfeit label products include:

VOID anti-counterfeiting label: It can be coated according to the printing method, and the surface of the treated substrate has good printing and printing effects, and is resistant to chemical reagents and abrasion. It can save printing ribbon and reduce printer loss; printing with offset printing, UV, gravure and other printing methods can show good printing results. When the VOID anti-counterfeiting label is torn off from the surface of the substrate, the pre-set text or pattern of the substrate is separated from the substrate and remains intact on the surface of the substrate. The substrate and the font cannot be restored after tearing. The preset fonts in the base material can be text, patterns, or other special patterns specified by the customer. The use of special edition patterns greatly enhances the anti-counterfeiting effect and enhances the corporate image;

VOID security Labels

Fragile paper labels: printed with special fragile self-adhesive paper, fragile label stickers, fragile labels are used on the anti-counterfeiting packaging of wine, electronics, medicine, computer hardware and other products. Features: When the fragile label is affixed to the substrate and then lifted, the material breaks irregularly, indicating that the product package has been opened and cannot be restored to its original state. All merchants can use this label for products sold by themselves, such as computer accessories, complete machines, various high-end electrical appliances, and mobile phone communication products. Once affixed, it is not easy to tear off, and the date of sale and warranty period can be indicated on it, which plays a role in safeguarding the business’s own interests;

Fragile Security Label

Laser self-adhesive label: It has excellent tear resistance, high temperature resistance, dimensional stability, opacity and chemical corrosion resistance, good waterproof, anti-fouling, and scratch-resistant performance, has a special metal texture, and the surface emits colorful light , It is widely used in a variety of special occasions;

Laser self-adhesive labels

Laser anti-counterfeiting label: It is made with laser dot matrix technology, with brilliant colors, high brightness and strong dynamics. Various changes in laser color can be seen from different angles. There are two types: one is permanent, which is a complete label when it is removed, and the other is destroyed when it is opened, and cannot be reused;

Water discoloration label: also known as water-sensitive labels and labels that change color when exposed to water. This label material will change color when completely exposed to water, and the color is irreversible. It is a warranty for the current maintenance service for mobile phones, batteries, electronics, electrical appliances, LCDs and other products that are difficult to identify or misidentify and control unqualified after water damage. At the same time, it is also used to identify the water ingress of ocean transportation goods and provide a legal basis for claims. A new type of product developed. The main function of the water-sensitive label is that when the substrate is completely exposed to water, the surface will change to a color that is obviously different from the previous and irreversible, so the changed color can be any other color specified by the customer. According to the critical humidity when the product is damaged when exposed to water, it can be designed to change color according to the preset relative humidity or only change color when it is completely immersed in water. There are two main categories of waterproof labels. One is diffusion in water: when the label is immersed in water, the original pattern on the label will spread rapidly around the surroundings. The other is color development when exposed to water: when the label is immersed in water, the original label color will quickly diffuse and completely become another preset color.

Water discoloration label