The self-adhesive label warping and wrinkles occur from time to time. Let’s talk about the reasons and solutions in detail below:

1. The attachment shape is special: the reasonable shape should be that the surface of the labeling range is flat. If the surface of the labeling range is irregular, it is easy to warp and fold after labeling. To solve this problem, when choosing the label surface material, you should Consider whether the labeling object is a flat surface or a curved surface, a large diameter or a small diameter, a single curved surface or a spherical surface, a rigid body or a compressible deformation. These indicators are directly related to the selection of the surface material. The soft bottle body should choose soft materials such as PE, PVC, unstretched PP, and synthetic materials of PE and PP. For rigid bottles, PET, BOPP, and PS materials can be considered.

2. Improper choice of glue: When choosing a self-adhesive glue, first confirm whether the self-adhesive label is permanent or removable, whether it is one-time sticking or repeated sticking, and whether the attachment has any special chemical properties to the label glue Request etc.

3. Poor laminating effect of the label: the correctly laminating label will be flat and not curled after being peeled off the bottom paper, and the label can maintain good followability; after the label with too loose laminating tension is peeled off from the bottom paper, The label is naturally bent, and it is prone to label wrinkles after labeling; after the label with too tight film tension is peeled from the backing paper, the label is reversed, and the label edge is prone to degumming and curling after labeling. This requires Adjust the film tension.